Now on YouTube! (Re)-Introducing the EDI – Part 1: EDI 101 Webinar

Our August 23rd webinar,  (Re)-Introducing the EDI – Part 1: EDI 101, has been posted to the HELP YouTube channel.

HELP has spent the better part of 2016 wrapping up the final year of EDI Wave 6 data collection and analyzing new findings from patterns and trends across 16 years of data. Whether you’ve been working with EDI for a while and are in need of a quick refresher or you’ve recently started working with the EDI, please view this webinar ahead of the release of Wave 6 EDI School District/Community Profile Reports. This session provided an overview of the areas of children’s development measured by the tool, clarified the concept and meaning of child vulnerability and key issues related to interpreting and applying population health data.

Registration for the second webinar, (Re)-Introducing the EDI – Part 2: Interactive Maps and Media Outreach is now open. This webinar takes place September 21st