Heart Mind 2015 Conference is just around the corner!

The 3rd annual Heart-Mind Conference is coming to Vancouver this October 2-3, 2015. It’s an experience rich with insights for everyone who cares for or about children. 

Join HELP's Director, Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, along with a panel of experts from across the globe, for two days of in-depth conversations and workshops. Enhance your network with 500 educators, parents, health and wellness professionals, recreational and community leaders and others who want to help children flourish. Expand your knowledge of how we teach and nurture our children and explore the Human Connection in a Digital World

Heart-Mind 2015 focuses on the ever-changing landscape of social interaction in our digital world.

•    Explore how digitization affects our children’s relationships with peers and adults, and our relationships with them.

•    Learn more about how we teach and raise our children in a world of constant connectivity.

•    Ask and answer some of today’s most pressing questions and share practical strategies for our children’s well-being.  

For more information you are invited to contact the Dalai Lama Center at  info@dalailamacenter.org or visit: http://dalailamacenter.org