Job Posting: MDI Project Manager (Part-time)

HELP is seeking a part-time (50%) MDI Project Manager.  The incumbent will provide leadership in expanding the breadth of the MDI (Middle Years Development Instrument) and manage the key deliverables of a scale-out project of the MDI in a number of pilot sites in Canada.  The MDI is a standardized research tool for assessing social and emotional wellbeing in the middle years.  It is designed to capture children’s voices about their experiences and well-being at age 9 and then at 12.  HELP’s vision is to expand the project beyond BC by building a series of demonstration sites in regions across Canada that gather high quality data at key developmental stages in childhood and use these data to drive action.  The incumbent will responsible for all aspects of the scale-out project.   For further information and to apply, please go to the UBC Job Careers page