Dr. Michael Kobor awarded Canada Research Chair

Dr. Michael Kobor, an Affiliate Scholar with HELP, has been awarded a Canada Research Chair in Social Epigenetics. Dr. Kobor’s lab focuses on epigenetics, the relationship between our genes and our environment. His team is working on collaborative research into factors leading to fetal alcohol syndrome, asthma and COPD, as well as the effects of socio-economic status on gene expression.

 Dr. Kobor – Mike - has worked closely with HELP for the past six years. This Chair will allow him and his lab to continue to focus on aspects of brain dynamics and neural-networking, epigenetic regulation of gene expression, and early social experience and biobehavioral development during childhood.

Congratulations Mike.

The University of British Columbia recently received $11.6 million for 16 new and renewed federally funded Canada Research Chairs. Please visit the UBC Public Affairs page for more information about this funding announcement.