Dialogue Series Inspired by Clyde Hertzman Jan31-May 29

This cross-Canada dialogue series is being held in memory of Clyde Hertzman’s contributions to the field
of population health and to mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of the landmark book, “Why are
some people healthy and others not?”

These dialogues will feature science, policy and practice leaders from Canada and around the globe who will be engaging in critical debates about the major social health inequalities of our time and bringing to light the actions that we can take as a society to address them.

January 31st, Vancouver - Early Years 2014 Conference
A keynote lecture at this national conference, given by Dr. Tom Boyce, a long-time friend and colleague of
Clyde’s, will explore a topic that Clyde pioneered: biological embedding.

February 6th, Toronto (Accessible through webinar) - From Cell to Society: Creating a world where all children can succeed
The day will focus on what Clyde called “the archeology of biological embedding” – the interconnections
from cell through to society.

April 28 - 30th, Vancouver - International Health Data Linkage Conference
Dr. Fiona Stanley will focus her keynote lecture on the need for a world-class child development monitoring
system in Canada to unearth inequities and to more deeply understand the cause of these inequities.

May 7 – 9th, Montreal - QICSS International Conference
A panel featuring Dr. Michael Kobor, HELP, Olle Lundberg, Centre for Health Equity Studies (Stockholm) and Marni Brownell, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, and a roundtable discussion about international perspectives on social policy and health inequalities.

May 26 – 29th, Toronto - Canadian Public Health Association Conference
A panel that will highlight cutting edge research in proportionate universality and how public health is applying this work in practice.

More information is available through the Canadian Institutes for Health Research