Parental stress & the epigenome: Part 3 of 5 in our series on #epigenetics.

Exposure to high parental stress in infancy leaves a mark on children's genes at age 15.

Exposure to parental stress at a young age is another factor that has been found to affect the expression of our genes. We know that exposure to high parental stress in infancy leaves a mark on children’s genes at age 15.

Today, the deck is stacked against young families, who are squeezed for more time and money than ever before. Wages for young families are down compared to a generation ago – despite more young people being post-secondary graduates, with larger student debts, and facing higher housing prices.

 Our colleagues at Generation Squeeze are fighting for a better generational deal for young Canadians. How do you think we can help relieve the stress of this generation of parents? Leave your comments below.

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