Child Care Policy Conference Winnipeg Nov. 13-14, 2014

ChildCare 2020 is the first national childcare policy conference in a decade and the fourth such conference in Canada’s history. The main goal of the conference is renewed action on early learning and childcare.

Develop an inclusive vision of early childhood education and care that reflects the needs of today’s families with young children. The majority of these families do not have access to affordable, quality childcare.

Generate new ideas and strategies to put childcare back on the political agenda and kickstart progress on support for children and parents in Canada. Childcare is a key component of social and economic equality. It’s important to counter the austerity measures and poor government policy that have put childcare on the back burner.

Engage a new generation of advocates who will deliver a strong message that it’s time for governments to give families access to quality early learning and child care programs. Child care is a right.

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