Registration Now Open for Heart-Mind Conference: May 8-10, 2014

The Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education presents the second annual Heart-Mind Conference from May 8-10, 2014: The Science of Kindness! Heart-Mind 2014 will share the most up-to-date science and practice related to how adults can cultivate kindness, empathy, compassion and altruism in children and in themselves - in families and schools,  during recreational activities, and throughout the community. Become part of the circle of educators, parents, thought leaders and community-based practitioners who care for and about children. 

  • Why is empathy declining in children and youth and what can we do to reverse the trend? 
  • Do we need to teach children to be empathic?  Or are they born with an innate ability ?
  • Are differences among children's empathy and kindness a result of hereditary factors, or of how children are raised?
  • What can we do to cultivate empathy & kindness and reduce bullying?
  • What impact does the use of technology and social media have on empathy and acts of kindness?
  • Can mindfulness promote compassion and empathy?
  • Is there a connection between exposure to nature and the development of empathy and kindness?
  • What are examples of practices that cultivate kindness - in schools, families and other community settings?

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