It's Not Fair! The Face of Child Poverty in Richmond

The report, It’s Not Fair! The Face of Child Poverty in Richmond: A Call to Action, released this month by Richmond Children First, de-mystifies poverty, puts a face on child poverty and serves as a call to action for the Richmond community. The report also challenges assumptions about poverty and discusses the impact of poverty on children and families in Richmond.

From the news release from Richmond Children First: "The statistics tell us that 1 in every 4 Richmond children live in poverty...Research tells us that the most significant influence on a child’s development is family. But poverty makes it difficult for parents to put healthy food on the table; find a safe, affordable home; and, afford health care and transportation. Poverty impacts family relationships and the ability to make friends and stay connected. The stories shared by many of the parents spoke of family strength and resilience - but they also spoke of depression, stress and the inability to cope. Research consistently shows that families living in poverty have increased rates of mental health issues. The report concludes with a call to action at a local level and provides recommendations for community groups. These recommendations include using a child and family lens, improving access and coordination of services, and, involving all sectors in the community."

Read the full report: It`s not Fair! The Face of Child Poverty in Richmond: A Call to Action