Kelowna Summit 4: When Vulnerable Readers Thrive

Mark Your Calendars: On February 21-22, 3014 Kelowna, BC. will host this "How to...Series" for Primary Teacher Teams, Preschool/Early Learning Practitioners, Elementary Literacy Coordinators and School Leaders. Summit presentations will speak to the importance of Early Learning interventions for vulnerable children from preschool to grade 2.

The 2014 Summit is based on one of the most recent and compelling meta-analyses produced in the past decade - The National Early Literacy Panel (NELP) Report- an analysis of 500 Early Literacy studies analyzed by leading experts in the literacy field. This study examined:

  • The skills and abilities of young children age birth through age 5, so that teachers can plan appropriate emergent literacy skills that, in turn, predict later literacy success;
  • The programs, instructional strategies and interventions that either impeded or contributed to gains in children's skills and abilities; and
  • The environments that enhance student achievement.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anne Cunningham, Our National Early Literacy Panel Expert. Ann will report on the major findings of the NELP report and its ramifications for changes we must make in BC to reach our vulnerable children.

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