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This year's preconference will be presented by HELP and will focus on early environments and social epigenetics: How experience gets under the skin. Participants will explore the complex nature of the social, physical and biological environments that shape children’s development. We will broaden our understanding of how children experience similar environments in unique ways and discuss how we can promote the value of an inclusive approach in supporting the child, family and community.

Multiple elements interact to create dynamic contexts that contribute significantly to early and lifelong wellbeing. Similarly, children influence their environments to shape their developmental paths. All of these factors matter. All will be discussed at the 2014 Early Years Conference.

When: HELP's Pre-Conference Jan 30 (Main Conference Jan 31-Feb 1), 2014

Where: The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC

The preconference will be presented by HELP on January 30 and will focus on: How experience gets under the skin. Sessions:

Social Determinants of Health and Biological Embedding - Dr. Jeannie Shoveller, Interim Director of HELP

Social Epigenetics: How Environments Influence Biology - Dr. Michael Kobor, Associate Professor at HELP

The Context of Early Child Development: Environmental Toxins and Brain Development - Dr. Bruce Lamphear, Child & Family Research Institute

The Next Big Question: Why is it Important that Experience Gets Under the Skin? - Dr, Kobor, Dr. Lamphear, Dr, Shoveller, Dr. Kershaw

Individual Dialogue Sessions will be held with panelists in the afternoon. 

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