Vote for Ziba

Ziba Vaghri has applied for funds from Grand Challenges Canada - Rising Stars in Global Health to support the GC7 Monitoring Rights in Early Childhood project.  If funded, this award would support piloting the e-version of the Indicators Manual in Argentina in partnership with Raúl Mercer.

As part of the application she created a two minute video. She now needs you to vote for the video and help her and HELP's International Research and Initiatives Program secure funding.

Please visit the Grand Challenges website for details about the program. To view Ziba's video and register your vote, visit After completing the short registration form, each 'unique visitor' can vote a maximum of once per video for the duration of the voting period, which ends November 11. 2011.  

Please show your support for the GC7 Monitoring Rights in Early Childhood project and vote for Ziba!