SFU President's Faculty Lecture: November 30, 2011

President Andrew Petter invites you to attend the 1st lecture of Fall 2011/Spring 2012.

Eugene McCann
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Chair
Department of Geography

"Situated and Mobile: A Geographical Approach to the Circulation of Policies"
Wednesday November 30, 2011
Halpern Centre (8888 University Drive, Burnaby)
Room 126
Reception follows

A burgeoning literature in human geography focuses on how policies are mobilized around the world, how policies mutate as they travel, and how policy mobilizations shape places, societies, politics, and economics.  This lecture will outline the key intellectual commitments of a geographical approach to 'policy mobilities.'  It will then turn to the question of social and geographical immobilities.  It will use the concept of situated knowledge to argue that policy mobilities are partly constituted by exclusions and immobilizations.  Therefore, the immobility of certain policies, practices, and actors is fundamental to the production of dynamic, relational policy mobilities. 

Brief Bio:
Eugene McCann (Ph.D. Kentucky, 1998) joined SFU in 2003.  He is an urban geographer whose broad research interests focus on urban policy mobilities, the relationships between urbanization and globalization, urban drug policy, urban development, and urban politics, specifically the spatial and political strategies of groups involved in producing urban policies.