Considering Young Children's Participation Rights in Educational Contexts: A conversation with Dr. Linda Farr Darling

When: November 17, 2011, 2:30 - 3:30
Where: Room #310, Neville Scarfe Building (refreshments will be provided)

November 20th is the International Day of the Child. On this date the UN signed The Convention on the Rights of the Child. In recognition of the UN's stance on implementing children's participation rights in early childhood (children ages birth to eight), we would like to invite you to a presentation and a conversation led by Professor Linda Farr Darling (UBC). Dr. Farr Darling will explore possibilities for cultivating young children's civic virtues in educational settings that embrace children's participation as a right. The presentation and conversation will address questions such as, what does it mean to approach children from a rights-based perspective? What might children's participatory rights look like in practice? And how do adults/educators initiate processes that open up possibilities for young children's civic engagement?

After the presentation please join us in viewing a display that has been created in collaboration with three and four year old children from one of UBC childcare centre: Owl in the Barn (the display is down the hall from the presentation room and some of the children will join us there to discuss the artefacts they created).

Linda Farr Darling is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education, UBC. Dr. Farr Darling’s research interests have been moral philosophy and the ethical dimensions of teaching and learning in early childhood/ primary settings. In 2009, Dr. Farr Darling was appointed as the first Eleanor Rix Professor of Rural Teacher Education.