HELP's Fall Research Exposition: Oct. 26

10 Years of Insight: Connecting the Dots
October 26, 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
UBC-Vancouver Venue to be Confirmed
Hosted by Dr. Clyde Hertzman and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)

The Event

10 Years of Insight - Connecting the Dots will connect neuroscience, to child development in BC, to
family policy. This cell to society perspective has significantly contributed to our understanding of
the importance of the early years.

Following ten years of gathering data on children’s development, HELP can offer profound insights that are critical to improving programs and policies for children. We will explore how HELP’s research has been - and will continue to be - used to improve children’s and families lives. At a time when the pressure on families and children is greater than it has ever been, it is imperative that we continue to move from research to action.


  • Presentations on HELP’s past and emerging research, featuring:
    • Dr W Thomas Boyce, Professor, HELP and CCCHR
    • Dr Clyde Hertzman, Director, HELP
    • Dr Paul Kershaw, Associate Professor, CFIS, HELP
  • Facilitated poster presentations providing additional insight into the breadth of HELP’s research.
  • International Early Years Community Development Video Conference. This session will bring together, both in person and through video, international experts who will share their experiences on putting research into action in communities for the benefit of children and families.

Registration Information

Registration available in mid-August. To pre-register please send an email to

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