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Nationally, HELP was appointed Secretariat for the Forum for Early Child Development Monitoring, which is actively describing and working toward a comprehensive early child development monitoring system in Canada. This Forum brings together leading researchers from across Canada with an interest in child development monitoring. Dr. Martin Guhn, HELP Faculty member, serves as the National Research Lead for the Forum.

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HELP is also a co-lead in the Pan-Canadian EDI Network.  The Network is pursuing cross-Canada population health research using data from the Early Development Instrument (EDI).  It also provides a Forum for institutional and community leaders from organizations that use EDI data, to discuss how findings and new insights can be used to stimulate action in order to improve child development.

From 2007 until 2010, HELP acted as the Secretariat for the Council for Early Child Development, an organization founded by Fraser Mustard.  HELP's Founding Directo, Dr. Hertzman also served as President to the Council during this period.